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Grace Hill's

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has four board certified or board eligible physicians, and three women’s health nurse practitioners. We also have a certified nurse midwife on staff.


Additionally we collaborate with our colleagues in family practice who also provide basic OB/GYN services.


*We provide well-woman care including annual examinations and pap smears.


*We offer evaluation and treatment of abnormal pap  smears.


*We offer the vaccination against the human papilloma virus (HPV) which causes abnormal pap smears, cervical cancer and genital warts.


*We provide all methods of reversible contraception, i.e., birth control pills, the contraceptive patch, the contraceptive ring, long acting injectible contraception “the shot.” In addition we offer the long acting reversible methods—the intrauterine device (IUD), and the single rod implantable contraceptive (implanon).


*At three of our locations (the Watertower, Soulard-Benton and Murphy O’Fallon Health Centers), we can enroll patients for the Choice Project. It offers any method of contraception for free for three years to patients who qualify and wish to participate.


*We perform tubal ligations for our patients.


*We provide prenatal care and participate in the deliveries of our patients.


*We provide testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.


*We evaluate and treat a wide range of gynecologic problems.


*We provide evaluation and basic treatment of infertility.


*We perform a variety of surgical procedures for our patients.


Please call our appointment line at (314) 814-8700.