A message from the President and CEO

Our value proposition is to foster social and economic growth for neighborhoods in the St. Louis area, building strong, healthy,

helping communities in which neighbors help themselves and others.


It is important to know that our work is not about creating transactional effects, but about transforming the lives of individuals, families and entire communities. Further, we stand with families and close the gap for families to ensure that everyone can equitably pursue the American dream.


As you come to know the Grace Hill Settlement House family, I believe you will be inspired and overwhelmed by what we are able to accomplish together.  Your courage and support ensures that Grace

Hill and its mission work remains relevant and impactful for the

greater St. Louis community.


Here are some of our recent successes: opening a new Head Start Early Childhood Center at Carondelet School, investing in the Water Tower Hub and Campus and partnering with this community in new ways to introduce FABRIC, our philosophy and work plan for creating real community change.  We have been awarded significant

recognition such as the Bank of America Neighborhood Builder’s

Award and the government grants that will foster homeless families into transitional housing and cleaner air for our city residents.


Though Grace Hill has many, complex facets, one thing is simple and clear:  we enable healthy, productive lives.  All we do comes together in a comprehensive and cohesive way to build strong, secure, healthy communities where people are able to help themselves and their neighbors.




Roderick L. Jones, Ed.D., MPA

Grace Hill Settlement House President and CEO