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Dental Fees For Uninsured Patients - as of June 1, 2013


Pediatric Dental Services



Grace Hill provides comprehensive oral health services through three of its strategically located community health centers: the Water Tower, Soulard-Benton and Murphy-O’Fallon Health Centers. Services are provided by certified dentists and dental hygienists.


Grace Hill dentists and hygienists provide a wide array of preventive services:


*fluoride applications


*periodontal therapy

*Panorex or Panoramic X-rays which are full-mouth x-rays


Routine care:


*minor surgical procedures

*removable prosthetics are also available

*dentures are provided at cost

*oral screenings


Patients needing specialized services such as orthodontics, complicated oral surgery, limited endodontics or fixed prosthetics are referred to specialists.

Community Collaborations and Outreach Services

*Head Start

*Veteran's Administration

*Mobile Dental Services for the homeless


Training and Intership Opportunities

*Alliances have been formed with other institutions resulting in an internship program located at Grace Hill’s Murphy-O’Fallon Health Center involving the University of Arizona Dental School, as well as an internship program for hygiene students from Forest Park Community College.


*Dental assistant students from local area schools are also trained in our facilities.


*Active participation with the Oral Health Network of Missouri and interaction with other FQHC dental clinics has also been established.

Grace Hill’s dental staff knows that dental care is important to overall systemic integrity, and that good oral health is necessary for proper chewing and speaking, as well as aesthetics. Recent findings have shown that poor oral conditions can contribute to the aggravation of other conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Regular oral screenings can also detect the presence of cancers and other systemic conditions which may not yet be identified by a routine physical exam. Good oral health should begin as early as one to three years of age in order to address the importance of the primary teeth and establish a pattern of routine dental visits. Towards that end, staff have instituted systems to encourage all Grace Hill pediatric and prenatal patients to see the dentist at the time of their primary care visit.


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