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The Grace Hill Children’s Developmental Center (CDC) was established in 1996 to offer the community a place where parents could receive help if they had a concern about their child’s emotional, behavioral or intellectual development.


The CDC provides a team of specialists to evaluate and treat the medical, psychological, and social needs of the child. Because each child’s world involves home and school, the CDC works with both parents and the school system to help manage developmental, behavioral or emotional problems that may be affecting the child. The CDC provides individualized assessments and treatment, which may include individual, family, and/or group therapy.


Grace Hill’s CDC serves children from infancy through beginning high school. An initial assessment process is usually completed within two working days of a parent contact, or referral from another office.

Team of Professionals

The CDC implements a multi-modal management approach. What our team of professionals consists of:
~ Developmental Pediatrician
~ Pediatric Neurologist
~ Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
~ Child Psychologists
~ Licensed Clinical Social Workers
~ Collaboration with St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine, and the child’s pediatrician.


Services Provided

To ensure early recognition and intervention for specific neurological and/or behavioral or emotional
problems, the CDC provides the
following services:
~ Neurological Examinations
~ Developmental Assessments
~ Psychological Evaluations
~ Psychosocial Assessments
~ Individual and Family Counseling
~ Case Management
~ Resource Development and Linkages
~ Management of Neurological and
Psychiatric Conditions
(Including Pharmacologic treatment
~ Initial assessment process usually occurs within 48 hours of referral


Typical Issues Seen at the CDC

Below is a list of behaviors that
parents describe as causing them the most difficulty:
~ She/he can’t focus; is always on the go
~ Teacher says student is behind in his/her work
~ Is aggressive and very physical
~ Is smart, but still has school problems
~ Cries a lot, and seems to be very moody
~ Always has to have the last word
~ Doesn’t seem to listen
~ Doesn’t talk and/or has speech problems
~ Child is a slow learner
~ Has difficulty getting along with other kids


Diagnoses Managed at the CDC

~ Neurological Disorders
~ Global Developmental Delay/
Mental Retardation
~ Pervasive Developmental Disorders
and Autism
~ Language and Learning Disorders
~ ADHD, Oppositional or Aggressive
~ Anxiety and Mood Disorders


Contact Information

Please consider Grace Hill’s Children’s Developmental Center as an additional referral source for neurological, developmental, and behavioral health evaluations and follow-up consultation.


Children’s Developmental Center
Grace Hill’s Murphy-O’Fallon Health Center
1717 Biddle
St. Louis MO 63106
CDC Appointment line: (314) 814-8616


Grace Hill’s Soulard-Benton Health Center
2220 Lemp
St. Louis MO 63104
CDC Appointment line (English and Spanish):
(314) 814-8777


Grace Hill Main line: (314) 898-1700


Grace Hill is a Medicare/Medicaid provider and a member of Health Care USA, Mercy CarePlus and other commercial insurance plans.

If you don’t have insurance, your fee might be based on a sliding-fee scale.

In 2007, the CDC instituted a Law Clinic that utilizes Law Students from Saint Louis University, under the direction of one of the professors, to help parents deal with legal issues. These include the education of their children, legal rights regarding educational evaluations, or follow-through on Individual Educational Plans. Some of the law students’ time is also dedicated to legal issues regarding housing, abuse or other domestic concerns.