Health Care for the Homeless

Call for a medical appointment

at (314) 814-8700.



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In 1987, Grace Hill Health Centers, Inc., (GHHC) was awarded funding through the Stewart B. McKinney Act to administer the Health Care for the Homeless Program in St. Louis. Over the years, Grace Hill has forged a coalition of homeless service agencies who provide comprehensive health care to this highly mobile group.

GHHC contracts with three community health centers and the St. Louis County Department of Health to provide primary care to the homeless, as well as with the Salvation Army’s Harbor Light Center for substance abuse services.


Community Health Nurses provide nursing assessments of a client’s health status, health education, referrals to primary medical and dental care, and referrals to other Grace Hill support services and community services. Tuberculosis testing is done for all shelter residents and staff.


Respite Care Program provides services to homeless patients who do not meet hospital inpatient criteria, but are too ill to be on the streets.


Mobile Dental Services provide comprehensive dental services to homeless patients on-site at several homeless shelters on a regularly-scheduled basis.


Volunteer Screening Sessions are held by physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses volunteering their time to see patients in the evenings. GHNHC volunteer staff hold screening sessions on a weekly or monthly basis at several shelter locations.


Respite Care Admission Criteria
*The patient must be homeless and meet all admission criteria established by the respective shelter.
*The patient has an acute medical illness or injury requiring bed rest and nursing care.
*The patient is independent in ADL’s and medication administration.
*The patient has not required medication for alcohol withdrawal in the 24 hours prior to respite
*The patient is willing to see the RN every day and comply with the prescribed health care plan.
*The patient is medically stable.
*The patient is continent.
*The patient has independent mobility.
*The patient does not have an intravascular line.
*Projected length of stay does not exceed 14 days.
*No controlled substance for pain.


Referring a person to Grace Hill’s Respite Care Program:

Contact Grace Hill’s Homeless Dept:
(314) 814-8596, or (314) 814-8535.


Admitting hours:
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. only.
After Hours: Exchange (314) 533-9029; ask for a Homeless Nurse Supervisor to check bed availability.
Fax the completed Respite Care Referral form to (314) 814-8696.


Patient must have a 30-day supply of prescription medications.


For more information:
Call (314) 814-8578 or (314) 814-8596.